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I enjoy inspiration through the written word and images that help us to see life with a different filter, one that will help us to evolve from fear and separation into the unity of understanding and love.  In order to do this, we need to  question our beliefs, dogmas and release that which is blocking our good. I also believe in the power of thoughts, reason why I make time everyday as a spiritual practice to focus on the sacred and that which uplifts me.

I am the author of  “Beyond Inspiration,” which is a compilation of affirmative prayers (that are spiritual but not religious, so it fits all paths), spiritual musings and affirmations. I see this book as an uplifting, high energy, spiritual companion book for daily living.

It is my hope that this space will be a source of inspiration and that we connect soul to soul.



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Purity of Attention

The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.  — Richard Moss


My soul mate  is very deep and I value what he has to share.  At the beginning of our relationship, I would have trouble making sense of what he was saying, and having trouble with my hearing didn’t help at all.

I learned thanks to watching a series of talks by a spiritual teacher (Papaji), to quiet my mind while listening. Meaning, I would give him my full attention without any internal dialogue going on inside my head. This approach helped me to not only ‘hear’ and understand him better but has enhanced my communication with others.


The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them. – Ralph G. Nichols

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Choosing Happiness


“People tend to burden themselves with so many choices. But, in the end, you can throw it all away and just make one basic, underlying decision: Do you want to be happy, or do you not want to be happy? It’s really that simple. Once you make that choice, your path through life becomes totally clear.” ― Michael A. Singer .

At first, I thought the quote was simple, but upon reflection, I can relate spiritually and psychologically. We all know deep down what makes us happy in the long-term. For me, it’s usually anything that does not become a chain that binds me down the road (such as the ex, over-eating, false ideas, etc.).

Mindful living teaches us this in essence and it has been a blessing in my life.

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Einstein’s Childlike Curiosity



I borrowed a DVD “Einstein Revealed” from my local library, and it’s a fascinating glimpse into Einstein’s mind and personal life.

He was a Patent Clerk for a few years while exploring physics in his spare time. When he asked himself why he was the ONE who changed our view of the universe, he reflected:

Normal adults never stop to think about such concepts as space and time, these are things children ask about. My secret is I remained a child. I always asked the simplest questions; I ask them still.

We may not all be destined to be geniuses, but retaining (or re-awakening) our childlike curiosity and passion stimulates our ability to tap Universal Intelligence.

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We’re Glad You’re Our Neighbor


On my walk today, I found this sign a few blocks away from our home, and it gave me hope and at the same time confirmation, that not all of humanity sees through the eyes of bigotry and fear. In case it’s too blurry to read, it says in 3 languages: “no matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor.”

Being that I now live a semi-rural town in Oregon, USA where there is not too much diversity (as when I used to live in NYC), it gladdened my heart to know I have neighbors who are not afraid to embrace diversity.

We are, after all, citizens of the Earth with human-made boundaries.

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Love is a Super Power

A lesson I have learned in life is to keep my heart open, no matter what challenges have crossed my path or how chaotic the world may be.

A closed heart is not a sign of strength. It suppresses emotional and spiritual growth, the ability to let the world in (therefore missing new opportunities), to be kind to ourselves and others, and the enjoyment of life.

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Spiritual Perspective on the State of our World



I find it crucial to lead a life of mindfulness and choose the higher road of compassion,  spiritual and emotional mastership and refuse to join the masses in the dance of fear, religious and racial bigotry — the cause of most of the violence in the world.

If we get caught up in the chaos of the world, we cannot be of much help to ourselves and others.

With the recent events in the USA and around our planet, I found the following excerpt enlightening:

“I do not wish to continue to be part of the problem. I want to make a difference. I want to face the fear of my own light. I believe the world can change but we need a revolution. Not another war but a revolution in the way we think and act. A revolution on an individual basis: one by one. A revolution by evolution. We are at a tipping point in the history of our existence. We need a totally new slant and the responsibilities we all have to our fragile planet. We need leadership that understands the concept of higher consciousness and accepts that our earth is just one big organism and that nothing happens in isolation. We need leaders that accept the existence of a greater intelligence that created and maintains life. We need leaders that are compassionate, able to operate from the heart, yet able to accept there are natural consequences from actions and that natural process must be respected.” – Conscious Leadership: Beyond Perception and Belief by Rod A. Macpherson



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Buddhist Prayer of Forgiveness


Thought I would share my message of forgiveness with the WP community. We as bloggers have the ability to connect and inspire in a world that is need of more love.

My short article “Buddhist Prayer of Forgiveness” was featured on Mike Dooley’s (NY Times bestselling author and New Thought speaker) TUT site.   If you are an inspirational writer, I encourage you to consider submitting an article to TUT – but check out their submission guidelines first. –  Contributors do not get paid, but articles are often shared by readers on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and as noted on Mike Dooley’s site: “You’ll reach a global audience. Your post will be shared on the TUT website for potentially millions of people to see. If you have a website your site will get exposure and gain credibility and generate more activity on your website.”


Buddhist Prayer of Forgiveness

“If I have harmed anyone in any way either knowingly or unknowingly
through my own confusions I ask their forgiveness.

If anyone has harmed me in any way either knowingly or unknowingly
through their own confusions I forgive them.

And if there is a situation I am not yet ready to forgive
I forgive myself for that.

For all the ways that I harm myself, negate, doubt, belittle myself,
judge or be unkind to myself through my own confusions
I forgive myself. “

I came to a clear understanding a few years ago that we all do the best we can with our levels of awareness. When we know better, we do better. When we don’t know better, we tend to be more hurtful to others and ourselves.

I think of my loving mom, who didn’t support significant life-changing decisions. I used to resent this whenever my thoughts ventured into the past. Nowadays, I look back with an open heart that comes from understanding that – See more at:  Buddhist Prayer of Forgiveness

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Choosing Fear or Love


Thank you, 


We can stay in a higher state of being (LOVE) while addressing the challenges in our corner of the world, including a political/social situation (BTW, I am humanitarian, not political).

Every little act that contributes to the well-being of a sentient being or the world is never lost, even if it’s a change of perspective from fear to one of understanding. 

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Be Kind Whenever Possible

young little cat lying a woman hand..only a few days of life


In the midst of living life, be KIND.

If life is one of success, be kind and show others the way.

If there is joy, lift others up and be kind.

If there is a setback, be kind. This moment shall pass.

If there is anger, be kind and speak when the mind has calmed down.

If there is sadness, be kind and gentle with yourself.

Kindness is love. Love does not always have to feel ‘good.’ Love knows that no matter what shows up in life, we have freedom to choose words and actions that do not contribute to the suffering of ourselves and others.

Kindness is a strength as the poet Kahlil Gibran wisely summed up:

Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.” – Kahlil Gibran

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I Simply Decided to Be Happy


I made the decision to be happy on the day before my 20th birthday. Dealing with potential deafness has always been a thorn in my life, but, in spite of this, I lead a healthy life and have a good disposition most days, and which my soul mate says he enjoys. I am glad I made the decision to be happy long ago and not stay in a depressed state as I did during my teen years.

Life, however, is a journey that has ebbs and flows. Being happy does not imply that I do not experience moments of sadness or frustration during a challenge, but I don’t stay stuck in a dysfunctional state of being. I bounce back quickly by using tools that work for me: observing my thoughts, meditation, deep breathing, listening to soothing instrumental music and burning incense; these are a few examples. Having a calmer mind, allows me to think better and resolve an issue at hand.

Life is precious, and I have discovered that  happiness is holistic – I need to be mindful of nurturing my mind, body and spirit to maintain this state of being.

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